breakers-of-the-dawn-ebook-coverBreakers of the Dawn, the opening book of the Dawn Saga, is available as an eBook (Amazon, Smashwords, Others) as well as paperback (Amazon).

“Seeking to dominate the Akked Galaxy, humans are at war with the Entho-la-ah-mines, a telepathically empowered race of intelligent insects. As part of the war, Felar Haltro, a Founder’s Commando, is sent on a search and rescue mission to a hidden research facility. The dark secret she finds there will push her to the limit, challenging everything she believes about the Ashamine government she fights for.” CONTINUE READING

harbingers-of-the-dawn-ebook-coverHarbingers of the Dawn is the second book in the Dawn Saga, picking up just after the events of Breakers of the Dawn.

“The nano-machines known as the Breakers continue to flood across the galaxy, led by the cunning and sadistic Crasor Tah Ahn. His next target is the Founder of the Ashamine, knowing the supreme leader’s death will plunge humanity into pandemonium.” CONTINUE READING