I dug into my archives and found a short story I thought would be fun to share (for FREE!). Utopia Gone is a tale about a man who is the only inhabitant of a planet. He spends his time living off the land in paradise. And then, one day, a starship arrives shatters his peaceful life.

I put together a couple different ideas to write Utopia Gone.  I was wondering what it might be like to live on a world that was small enough to run/swim across in a day. It had to have full ecosystems, including oceans. I also wanted to explore what it might be like to lose your memory and the grief that would follow that. Between these ideas, Utopia Gone was born. I hope you enjoy it!

Download on Smashwords for free for just about any e-Reader you can think of
Download on Amazon for $.99 for Kindle. Amazon won’t let me give it away!


Love life,


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