breakers-of-the-dawn-ebook-coverBREAKERS OF THE DAWN: Seeking to dominate the Akked Galaxy, humans are at war with the Entho-la-ah-mines, a telepathically empowered race of intelligent insects. As part of the war, Felar Haltro, a Founder’s Commando, is sent on a search and rescue mission to a hidden research facility. The dark secret she finds there will push her to the limit, challenging everything she believes about the Ashamine government she fights for.

On the frigid world of Traynos-6, Wake Darmekus is involved in the death of 12 colonists. Guilt fills him for his inability to save them, his dreams plagued by strange figures.Tremmilly Octus receives a prophecy from her oldest friend. The words are vague, seemingly meaningless, but its warnings are strong enough to force her to leave the only planet she’s ever known.Already convicted for his crimes against the Ashamine, Maxar Trayfis fights on the brutal Bloodsport asteroid. His skills are too sharp to allow him the death he longs for. Escape seems impossible. Life is misery.

Cazz-ak-tak, an Entho-la-ah-mine desperate to save his species from extinction, embarks on a mission fraught with danger. The odds of success are slim, but with no other options, Cazz-ak-tak must fight his way back to the Entho-la-ah-mine origin world of Haak-ah-tar, now under the control of the Ashamine.

The Facilitator to the most powerful man in the galaxy, Crasor Tah Ahn is a skillful and deadly agent. Sent to perpetrate acts of terror against the Divisionists on Noor-5, Crasor makes a discovery that will shake the universe to its core. Sentient life in the Akked Galaxy will never be the same again.


“A good read! The premise is well set up, all the major characters are introduced, and an interesting world is created for them, and us. This is a fine start to a promising series. I greatly look forward to number two, and hope the rest follows soon! It’s a great privilege to start early with talented new authors, and it’s a real treat to have this quality, at any stage in a writer’s career. Thanks, Mr. Wahrer! Get cracking so we won’t have to wait!” 

5_Star_Rating_System_5_stars_T – Seedy Old Lady, via Amazon


“Breakers of the Dawn is a wildly creative and fun read that is nearly impossible to put down. I thoroughly enjoyed it. ”

5_Star_Rating_System_5_stars_T – RSO, via Amazon


“The simple and direct writing style is accessible and easy to read. Breakers manages to still feel epic without becoming a sprawling mess like so many other stories that feature a large cast… Breakers of the Dawn is a good quick read and an excellent match for anyone who likes science-fantasy.”

5_Star_Rating_System_4_stars_T – J.P. Beaubien, via his Author Website


Breakers of the Dawn is an epic sci fi saga that blends elements of fantasy and good old fashioned space opera. Unlike so many books in this genre, it doesn’t stun you with a big data dump at the beginning. Instead, it plunges you into the action from the first page, and lets the world building unfold naturally.

The writing style is clean and simple, allowing the story to take center stage. The narrative moves quickly and shifts between multiple perspectives, both human and alien. You can easily inhale it in one sitting. While the plot is complex, I was able to keep track of it all, and it came together nicely in the end.”

5_Star_Rating_System_4_stars_T – Lizella Prescott, via Smashwords


“This is a captivating science fiction book… The author is creative, imaginative and eloquent. His writing inspires self awareness and questions our wisdom. Well done.”

5_Star_Rating_System_5_stars_T – Manon Gaudreau, via Amazon


“Breakers of the Dawn was a fast paced book with lovable characters and a fascinating plot that weaves separate characters into a page turning story… I loved the pace of the book, and couldn’t put it down.” 

5_Star_Rating_System_4_stars_T – Joseph, via Amazon