RIVERFATE: Kowan the Technumage (Segment 02)

Just released the latest part of the Kowan the Technumage series, titled RIVERFATE. "Kowan is on the run, desperate to escape execution. Tricked by the leader of his order, he has only himself and his Technumage abilities to rely on. Can Kowan save himself and get revenge on those who betrayed him?" You can read … Continue reading RIVERFATE: Kowan the Technumage (Segment 02)

Trapped (100WordStory)

Trapped. Abducted. Encased in some disgusting, putrid substance. This isn't even a room, more like a coffin. How can it be so dark? Feel the walls... No gaps, no doors, no escape. Don't think about how it feels—organic. Somehow breathing, alive. So cold here... Who did this to me? Why am I here? Last thing … Continue reading Trapped (100WordStory)