Destroyers of the Dawn CoverDESTROYERS OF THE DAWN: Crasor Tah Ahn and his devastating Breakers continue their galactic invasion, forcibly converting or destroying everyone they come in contact with. When they reach Exis-7, a world dominated by the Families, they discover a devastating secret, one that could empower or annihilate them.

Knowing they cannot face the Breakers head on, Maxar leads Wake and Jaydon to Traynos-6. There, a mysterious archaeological dig holds the key to the technology coursing through Maxar’s body.

In the midst of training the Entho-la-ah-mine army, Felar and Cazz-ak create a plan to destroy the Arche, the powerful species seeking to assimilate the Harbingers. Lothis joins them, desperate to end the ancient threat.

Delving into lost memories and forgotten lore, Tremmilly seeks the Harbingers’ cryptic past. What she learns shocks them all, transforming the way they think of themselves and the universe.

With enemies on all sides, will the Harbingers find a way to survive the brutal onslaught?


Coming early 2018!