harbingers-of-the-dawn-ebook-coverHARBINGERS OF THE DAWN: The nano-machines known as the Breakers continue to flood across the galaxy, led by the cunning and sadistic Crasor Tah Ahn. His next target is the Founder of the Ashamine, knowing the supreme leader’s death will plunge humanity into pandemonium.

Cazz-ak-tak fights to protect the last queen of the Entho-la-ah-mines, but the overwhelming power of Crasor’s dark force threatens to destroy him and corrupt his species.

Tremmilly, Felar, Lothis, Wake, and Maxar find a moment of peace on Eishon-2. When both the Ashamine and Breakers invade, the group is forced to flee once again. The cryptic Arche seem to offer assistance, but can they be trusted?

With the Akked Galaxy on the brink of chaos, will anyone be able to resist the power of the Breakers?


“I can’t wait for number three, due out in January!

Harbingers moves the story along very nicely, builds on the foundations set in the first book, and most certainly left me ready for the next book.

The Dawn Saga is well constructed, with carefully thought out characters and just enough ‘out of this world’ to keep it fun and interesting. After all, if this world we are stuck in is good enough, why bother reading at all?

I highly recommend this book to any readers of fantasy/sci-fi, or, just a good adventure story with strong character and place writing!” 

5_Star_Rating_System_5_stars_T – Seedy Old Lady, via Amazon