utopia-gone-ebook-coverUTOPIA GONE: Alone in the world, the man enjoys life. He has no name, nor needs one. Every rock, tree, mountain, and sea: he knows it all in detail. He has no memory of how he arrived on the planet, only a blissful love of his surroundings. When the starship comes, his life makes a dramatic change.This short story offers an intriguing view of the future, one filled with wonder, fear, and fantastic locations.


Utopia Gone is a science fiction piece…Wahrer’s best story of the three I’ve read. The psychological and sociological aspects mixed with the dystopian future in space are quite interesting. I think Wahrer should consider expanding this story into a novel, or a novella, at the very least.

5_Star_Rating_System_5_stars_T – Ursula K. Raphael via Amazon andAstraDaemon’s Lair

“The plot of the story was straight forward, but the descriptions really got to me. The world that the author constructed felt believable in its vaguely dystopian state. But what balanced it out was how that was not the focus—it was of the paradise the protagonist had been in and the taking of it. The parallel point of views worked well to counteract each other and it also improved the pacing…”

5_Star_Rating_System_4_stars_TSarah S via Amazon


FLIGHT OF THE MARINER: When five torpedo bombers disappear off the coast of Florida during a training flight in 1945, Wally and his flight crew are sent to look for them. They head out over the stormy Atlantic in their Mariner seaplane, searching the dark ocean for survivors. They find the downed planes, and with them, something far more sinister.

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