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Dawn Saga Series ImageDawn Saga, Book 4
Stage: Final Draft
Progress: 42%
Expected Release: April 10, 2019

Updated: 2/7/19

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Edge-of-Light-ebook-coverEDGE OF LIGHT: “Tonight is the night. They can’t stop me. I’ll see what’s outside our village. Let them laugh and sneer all they want. I’ll prove them wrong. I’ll show them there is nothing to fear, that monsters are only myths. Then, everyone will really know what lies beyond the edge of light.

Set in a post-apocalyptic America, Edge of Light is an intriguing short story by Dawn Saga author, Zachariah Wahrer.”

destroyers-of-the-dawn-ebook-coverDestroyers of the Dawn: Book 3 of the Dawn Saga “Crasor and his brutal Breakers invade world after world, forcibly converting or destroying everyone they come in contact with. When they reach Exis-7, a world dominated by the criminal Families, they discover a devastating secret, one that could empower or annihilate them.

With enemies on all sides, the Harbingers seek to understand their strength. Knowing they cannot face the Breakers head on, Maxar leads Wake and Jaydon to the Traynos system…”