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Bouldering along the Madison River

Climbing a boulder near the Madison River.

Social Media Spotlight

For this week's newsletter, I'd like to give you a rundown on my social media pages. While I'm not the biggest Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram buff, I do like participating in discussions and sharing content on my author pages.


On my Instagram, I post pictures related to my author life, climbing, and other personal insights. This is a great way to get to know more about me. I'd love to follow you in return to get a glimpse into your life as well!


For Facebook and Twitter, I share a mix of sci-fi and fantasy giveaways, photos, and other content related to being a sci-fi author and a climber. These are a little less personal, but if you're looking for giveaways or additional sci-fi content, they are the place to go.


If you'd like more content from me (I post about 2-3 times a week), feel free to follow me on any or all of the above. I'd love to hear from you and participate in some discussions as well. Newsletters are great, but the format makes it difficult to get feedback or hear from my fans. Social media is the perfect medium for that type of interaction.

Track my progress on the 4th Dawn Saga Book! Front Page

On the front page of my website, I recently added a tracking feature that will allow you to see how much progress I've made on the final Dawn Saga book. I'll still continue to share milestones through the newsletter, but if you want more precise tracking (included expected release date), check it out!


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The powerful machines that once ruled over land and sky fought and died, leaving humanity in a primitive age of swords and monsters. But that was long ago, and only legends of the Schism remain.

Enoch has never been frightened by these tales. He sees things differently than the other youth in Rewn’s Fork, and that makes him an outcast. Where others see crops, weather, and flocks of sheep, Enoch sees numbers and patterns.

When he accidentally awakens a powerful Artificial Intelligence, he discovers the truth behind his peculiarity—Enoch is an Etherwalker, the last in a long line of powerful technopaths who can control machines with their minds.

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