During the month of April, my wife and myself bid farewell to Las Vegas, NV and spent a couple weeks traveling to our new home in Bozeman, MT. We experienced a lot of rain, followed by a bunch of snow. Our main goal was rock climbing, but the weather made that difficult. Thankfully, we still got to see family and friends along the way.

I didn’t get much writing done while we were traveling, but I did manage to publish some flash fiction on Medium called Therapy. It is a sci-fi reboot of the classic Hansel and Gretel, by the Brothers Grimm. A fellow author (Lizella Prescott) and I decided to start a Medium publication dedicated to remakes of classic fairy tales. The result is The Grimm Reaper.

Currently, I am waiting to on a paperback proof copy of Breakers of the Dawn to arrive from the printers. Getting the novel formatted for print was quite an effort, but it will be worth it. I also made some cover tweaks that ended up looking really good. The paperback will be available on Amazon within the next month or so. Stay tuned!

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