Today was the first day of my second week as a full-time author.

I have been a writer for the past 9 years. It started because the band I was in folded, and I was left with no creative outlet. I wrote short stories, I wrote poems. I came home from a full-time job, sat down on the computer, and typed until I fell asleep, trying to hit my word count goal for the week, for the month, for the year. I failed a lot. I finished the first draft of my novel. I had a dream.

I fell away from writing several times. The creative process is difficult, the rewards minimal. I came back. I did one revision of my novel, then two, then three. I let people read it and they were encouraging. I revised it yet again. I changed jobs, changed states, changed marriages, still writing was with me.

I mailed my manuscript off to publishers and got many rejection letters in return. I didn’t take it personally. There are many people out there doing the same thing as me, and a lot of them are better.  More submissions, more rejections. Publishers don’t want to risk publishing the first novel of a four book series from an unknown author.

I kept at it, determined to make my way in a harsh creative field. I had failed to make it in the music industry. I would not fail with writing. I did lots of research and decided self-publishing was for me. I would make own way, find my own audience, be my own boss.

I published Breakers of the Dawn and started on the next book of the Dawn Saga. Can’t stop, won’t stop. I moved into a van with my wife and we traveled the U.S. and Canada. I wrote in different states, outside, in libraries, in National Parks, in friends houses, in campgrounds. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

A year and a half later, we run out of money and both start working. Sarah is a nurse. She is amazing at her job. She saves the smallest human beings you could think of. 24 weeks after conception doesn’t give you long to grow.

Sarah believes in me, believes in my crazy sci-fi stories, believes in my dream. I love her more than anything. I couldn’t have done this without her. I’ve dreamed of writing full-time for so long, and now it’s a reality. It’s not easy, but it is good.

So here I am, sitting in the middle of Las Vegas, having completed the first day of my second week as a full-time writer. I met and then exceeded my word count for the day, but I’m still here. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.




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  1. I never liked the word failure…..failure is just unfinished business. In fact, you are a huge success, Zach. You are an amazing man You are doing what you want to do and sharing the world with someone you love and who loves you in return. Remember our class motto way back when? “Do Not Settle for Less Than Your Best!” You're following the course, Zach…..your course. I'm so proud of you and putting good thought out there in the Universe for you. 🙂

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