Dawn Saga

The Akked Galaxy is in turmoil. Humanity, under the control of the Ashamine government, is exterminating the Entho-la-ah-mines. The resource rich worlds of the telepathic intelligent insects are too tempting for the impoverished humans.

While on a mission for the Founder of the Ashamine, Crasor Tah Ahn makes a discovery that changes the course of humanity, threatening to plunge the entire galaxy into a darkness it may not survive.

A small group of disparate survivors, both human and Entho-la-ah-mine, are brought together on a backwater planet by a vague prophecy. It states they are the only ones who can stop the coming darkness, but doesn’t say how. Before any of them can discover an explanation, the peaceful planet is thrust into chaos.

The four book Dawn Saga weaves together the stories of many characters into an epic sci-fi tale that explores human nature, transcendence, evolution, and the future.