Destroyers of the Dawn

Destroyers of the Dawn CoverDESTROYERS OF THE DAWN: Crasor and his brutal Breakers invade world after world, forcibly converting or destroying everyone they come in contact with. When they reach Exis-7, a world dominated by the criminal Families, they discover a devastating secret, one that could empower or annihilate them.

With enemies on all sides, the Harbingers seek to understand their strength. Knowing they cannot face the Breakers head on, Maxar leads Wake and Jaydon to the Traynos system. There, a mysterious archaeological dig holds the key to the nano-tech coursing through his body. Will what he finds be worth the risk of separating the Harbingers?

The third book of the saga, Destroyers of the Dawn is a thrilling ride through space and time.


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