darkspawn-kowan-the-technumage-ebook-coverDARKSPAWN (Segment 1): Kowan the Technumage fights to complete his mission, a desperate bid to protect Red World from the returning Darkness. Loyal to King and country, he must use all his training and skill to kill the enemies that destroyed his father and brother during the First War. This short story series dives into a gritty tale filled with desperation, techno-magic, and revenge.


Book 1 of this series quickly caught my imagination and left me wanting more. I was able to see the movements of the characters with the description of the action and the thoughts and feelings of the main character were easily understood. It is a quick read but introduces a lot of interesting concepts and ideas I want to know more about! The world the author has created in intriguing and not like anything I’ve read before. Can’t wait to read more!


riverfate-kowan-the-technumage-ebook-coverRIVERFATE (Segment 2): Kowan is on the run, desperate to escape execution. Tricked by the leader of his order, he has only himself and his Technumage abilities to rely on. Can Kowan save himself and get revenge on those who betrayed him?


Book 2 brings more intrigue and excitement to this series! I enjoyed learning more about the character and previous events that lead to his current situation. I want to learn more about the world the author has created and find out where the story heads next. This story could be written as a novel with all the history of this world included, but I enjoy the quick read and the insight I have gotten so far in the text. Looking forward to more!


Flash Fiction

The Maw


I found myself alone, which is something I must never do.The view from here is enough to drive someone mad, or so I’m told.