February Wrap Up – First Drafts, Blogs, and Short Stories

February was a productive month! I managed to complete two book length first drafts. One was the 2nd book of the Dawn Saga and the other a non-fiction van life how-to that my wife Sarah and I are co-authoring.

In short fiction, the serialized version of Utopia Gone finished up on both Medium and Wattpad. I also released Cough, Cough, a horror sci-fi inspired by my being sick for the first part of the month.

On the blog, I wrote about Why I Stopped Watching “Game of Thrones” (No Spoilers).
Though March, I’ll be editing HotD (code name for the second book of the Dawn Saga) as well as posting some book reviews. I’ll also be working on building my Medium publication, Rumble Fish. As inspired, I may also write a short story or two. I had an idea for a fantasy series that I’d like to explore.

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