First Draft Complete (Book 2 of the Dawn Saga)

Today, I finished the first draft of the 2nd book in the Dawn Saga, code named “HotD.” I’m really happy with how it and the series are developing. Stay tuned for more updates as I work though the editing process. I have some estimates for a completion date, but it is a little too soon to share those. HotD is going to be an exciting read, I promise!

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Breakers of the Dawn (Book 1 of the Dawn Saga). In celebration of completing the first draft of the next book, I’m offering 50% off of Breakers if you purchase through Smashwords (all common formats available). Use the code “VZ52G” at check out. The coupon is only good until Friday, February 26th, so don’t wait too long!


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