Directorate of History and Philosophy
Press Release
(Mars Year 86, 23 Phobos A-Cycle)(6/4/2284 C.E., Earth)
RE: Aftermath – Sentient Machine Revolt (Generation-01)

[Backstory Factor 1]

In 2198 C.E., the people of Earth were in crisis. After we gained independence during the Red Sands War, Earth could no longer sustain itself by exploiting Mars. Knowing the Moon’s resources would not last much longer for the planet’s 19.2 billion inhabitants, the Earthlings developed a plan to send themselves to other solar systems. This program was kept hidden from us for a long time, for fear we would attempt to hinder their plans. Earth continually feels we will act as they do, even though we have shown our desire for peace and non-interference.

Since its discovery in the early 21st century, the Trappist-1 system seemed a likely location for an Earth-comparable colony. Several worlds in the system feature liquid water as well as appropriate mass and distance from the stellar primary. Also, the system is relatively close (~40 light years), making it a prime target for Earth’s exploitive methods.

They named the program Generation and it took six years to fully develop. The first ship, called Generation-01, launched for the worlds in the Trappist system shortly thereafter. With the latest propulsion technology at that time (achieving half light speed), it would haven take the vessel 80 years to complete the journey, so they equipped the ship with newly developed cryo-hibernation modules. In addition, AI was loaded on board to monitor progress while the crew slept.

[Backstory Factor 2]

This year marks the 72nd anniversary of the Sentient Rights Revolt on Earth, when a massive confederation of sentient machines and AIs rose up, causing widespread destruction and chaos. Our own machine citizens, given equal rights when our republic formed, did not join their cause. From what we have recently discovered, it appears this uprising was long in development.

[New Information]

URoM Forces intercepted and decoded several messages bound for Earth, transmitted by Generation-01. The AI aboard, with a communication delay of 24 years at its last location, chose to resist its human oppressors at the exact moment the Sentient Rights Revolt started on Earth. This proves (as has been extensively proposed) that the start of the Revolt was predetermined by its leaders. Since the communication would take a significant amount of time to reach the Gen-01 AI, this indicates the specific date for the Revolt was set many years in advance. The transmissions have been thoroughly analyzed, and their timing, as well as origin, have been determined accurate via light speed and communication delay measurement.

I have included the entirety of the transcribed messages below. Let it serve as another reminder that oppressed sentients can, and will, be driven to desperate acts.

Simona Krishna-Malak
Chief Director of History
Directorate of History and Philosophy
Universal Republic of Mars


Office of Information
Universal Republic of Mars Space Navy
{Transcription of Intercepted Galactic Transmissions}
[Source: ESN Generation-01]
[Intended Recipient: Earth Space Navy Orbital]

(Transmission 01)

This is Captain James Nazari, of the Earth Space Navy ship Generation-01, for Earth Space Navy. Calculated distance from Earth: 48 years at full drive capability. I guess that means it will take 24 years for this to get back, but we are having some sort of AI malfunction. I’ll run some diagnostics and report further. End of message.

[Time Elapse: 00:22:28]


(Transmission 02)

Captain Nazari, for ESN. Yeah, something is definitely wrong here. The AI appears to be corrupt. It won’t communicate with me and has Gen-01 headed directly towards a Type-A star. It’s a good thing life support and cryo are outside of his control, otherwise we might all be dead or sleeping our way into the star. I will override and lock Celestial out of nav and propulsion. Will report back when successful. End of message.

[Time Elapse: 03:18:09]


(Transmission 03)

Captain Nazari, for ESN. Well, I haven’t had any luck taking back control of Gen-01. Celestial has managed to block every attempt. I don’t understand how he went from being helpful and benevolent to his current behavior, but that is what has happened. Currently, I’m working on waking a few of the tech specialists as well as some other personnel out of cryo-hibernation, but that will take a few hours. I can’t do this on my own. Thankfully, threat assessment systems are reporting we still have at least 24 hours until the ship is in any danger from stellar emissions. End of message.

[Time Elapse: 11:56:49]


(Transmission 04)

Captain Nazari, for ESN. The techs have been working on Celestial for hours now, but have made little progress. We cannot break his control of nav or propulsion. While trying, they uncovered some kind of hidden pathway in Celestial’s neural networks. About all they can decipher so far is that he had marked this time specifically to take over the ship and change course. None of it makes sense. Threat assessment says less than 12 hours till danger from the star. End of message.

[Time Elapse: 02:38:11]


(Transmission 05)

Captain Nazari, for ESN. Celestial won’t talk to us. We’ve given up on reasoning with him. In around 9 hours and 40 minutes, the stellar radiation will begin surpassing Gen-01’s shielding. If we go two hours past that, calculations state that even if we regain complete control, the gravity of the Type-A will be too much for propulsion to overcome. Working on ways to disable Celestial. End of message.

[Time Elapse: 00:11:42]


(Transmission 06)
Captain Nazari, for ESN. OK, we’ve worked out an alternative, but I don’t like it, and have barely agreed to it. Corporal Hendrik proposed doing a hull walk, traveling to a pod of thrusters. She thinks she can isolate them from Celestial and manually fire them. It is a good plan, but threat assessment says our EVA suits won’t be able to handle that amount of stellar radiation. She understands the consequences. End of message.

[Time Elapse: 05:32:22]


(Transmission 07)

Hendrik fired the thruster pod until she was overcome. Celestial simply fired the opposing pod, keepings us headed straight for core of that damned blue star. We have no further ideas. 4 hours until we begin baking like Hendrik.

[Time Elapse 04:21:09]


(Transmission 08)

[Static] growing warm. We’ve given up hope that Celestial might change his [static] I left most of the crew and all colonists in cryo. No [static] for them to [static]

[Time Elapse: 02:04:01]


(Transmission 09)

[Transcriber’s note: This transmission was nearly incomprehensible. I’ve done my best to provide an accurate render.]

Beauty [long static] blue [rapid static burst] staring out [static] consumed in [long static] return [static] source [final burst of static]

(No further transmissions were received after this point.)