Harbingers 2nd Edition and Sale!

The 2nd edition of Harbingers of the Dawn is now available, and for a limited time, it’s on sale! Buy it from your favorite online retailer here.

“The Breakers continue flooding across the Akked Galaxy, stealthy and unstoppable. Their next target: the Founder of the Ashamine. Crasor knows if he can kill the supreme human leader, the Ashamine government will plunge into pandemonium.

Bound together by a vague prophecy and mysterious powers, Tremmilly and her friends are confronted with an Ashamine invasion. Caught off guard, with only a derelict transport ship to face the vast armada, the odds look grim. Will the Ashamine capture them or will the Breakers obliterate everyone first?

Harbingers of the Dawn continues the Dawn Saga, blending multiple viewpoints and a diverse cast of characters into a galaxy spanning tale of epic science fiction.”

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