Harbingers Release Date (And Other Big News)

Hello dear readers! I have some big news for you. Harbingers of the Dawn is set to release on 1/9/17, both as an eBook and paperback! Woohoo! The eBook price will be $3.99. The paperback version will be a dollar more than Breakers ($10.99), due to the fact it is almost 50 pages longer and costs more to print. But hey, more content!

So, about that delay… I know, I know: I said it was going to be available the last quarter of 2016, but I have good reasons for delaying a few weeks! One is that I want it to be as good as possible. The final draft is done, the formatting for paperback is done—BUT—I want to review a few more times and make sure there are no mistakes. That takes time, especially getting proof copies of the paperback from the printer. The print and digital versions will be available 1/9/17, I promise, but Patrons (see below) will get access as soon as I finish (which will likely be a week or two sooner).

The next big announcement is that I’ve almost finished setting up a new subscription/patron page on Patreon. I’m still finalizing details, but if you’d like to know more about Patreon in general, you can read more here or watch this video. I will be offering some really awesome rewards for my monthly subscribers, such as: commissioned short stories, poems, and digital art; a patron’s only feed, Q&A videos and chats, exclusive short stories and poems, as well as the ability to suggest story and blog topics. All this is in addition to patron levels that include digital and autographed paperback copies of my novels.

In an increasingly dispersed digital landscape, I want a closer connection to my fans. I feel Patreon offers this kind of environment. Don’t worry, if you can’t commit to a monthly contribution, Harbingers will still be available through the standard channels.

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