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In a previous newsletter, I wrote about how being a musician was very instrumental (bud-ump-tisk, whomp-whomp-whomp) in my path to becoming an author.


Even though I am no longer involved in creating audio, music itself is still a big part of my life. In this installment, I'd like to dive into some audio that inspires or motivates me to write. I'll even toss in some links if you'd like to check them out for yourself. šŸ™‚


Tool (Aenima)

So, Tool might not be the first thing you think of regarding sci-fi writing, but the whole Aenima album is deeply linked in my mind to my book, Breakers of the Dawn. The reason is, I drew many inspirations for that novel from the album, and I also wrote much of the first draft while listening to it. For whatever reason, the hard/soft rhythmic cycles in Aenima seem to put me into a good writing state.


Hans Zimmer (Interstellar OST)

The link between this music and a sci-fi setting is obvious, since it was written for a sci-fi movie. The Interstellar OST always gets me in the mood to think about the future and humanity's role within it. It's also something I actively listen to when I'm writing, as I feel it evokes emotions that transfer well into my books.


Symphony of the Planets (NASA Voyager Recordings)

If you actually decide to listen to this (which I would highly encourage), you'll quickly realize it isn't music. The Voyager Recordings are electromagnetic samples that the Voyager space crafts made as they passed the various planets of our solar system. Whenever I listen to this audio, the sense of awe rising up within me is very conducive to creativity. Also, before I was a full-time writer, I'd often go to McDonald's to work on Breakers. These sounds, pulsing in my headphones, helped me focus and drown out the noisy environment.


I hope this provided some insight into my musical inspirations and creative process. What music or other media inspires you? I'd love to hear about it! I'm always looking for new ways to get my mind into new, creative places. šŸ™‚




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