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Liberators of the Dawn and the Dawn Saga Box Set come out on April 10th. That means you only have 1 week left to pre-order and save off the retail price! On release day, Liberators will go up to $3.99 (from the current price of $2.99), and the box set will go up to $9.99 (from $7.49).


I'm not sure when (or if) I'll ever run these kinds of sales again, so now might be your only opportunity to save this much.

Also, the winners of my paperback giveaway have been selected and notified, as of last week. If you didn't hear anything from me, I'm sorry to say you weren't a winner. Fortunately, I have some more giveaways planned for the near future, so perhaps you'll be more lucky then! 🙂


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It's been a long time since Ritry risked his sanity on a deep-brain Soul-jack. Once renowned for hacking the most lethal minds, now he peddles cheap memory implants on the neon-lit slums of the Arctic Circle - staying out of trouble, mostly.


Then a terrified girl bolts into his jack-site, seeking a unique brain-hack to escape Don Zachary, the vicious slumlord. Ritry's no hero, but he won't stand by while another innocent dies.


Yet the Don does not forgive. Hounded from the slums, Ritry flees into the forgotten ruins of the old world, only to find a far crueler predator lying in wait, one with a dark taste for living Souls - plunging Ritry into one last desperate jack with the Souls of all humanity on the line…


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As a boy, Ethan believed in the guardians – mysterious lights in the night sky that, according to folklore, safeguard survivors from The Maddening. This horrific sickness mutated men and women into Roamers; savage nomads, stripped of their humanity. But when a Roamer attack killed his parents, Ethan’s faith was shattered and replaced with a hunger to know the truth.


One night Ethan watches a light grow bright in the night sky and crash to the planet’s surface near a ruined city. There he finds Maria, a descendant of the pre-Fall civilization which is trapped off-world and unable to return to the poisoned planet. Maria has risked everything to find a Planetsider; a man or woman with an inborn resistance to The Maddening. She begs Ethan to help to save her people, and in return he will finally learn the truth.


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