Liberators of the Dawn

With galactic subjugation nearly complete, Crasor turns his attention to the Ashamine core worlds. His indomitable fleet surges onward, conquering system after system. All hope seems lost, as the Ashamine continues collapsing under his pressure.

Too weak to confront the Breakers in open combat, Felar and the Harbingers devise a desperate plan: Draw Crasor out from his massive fleet and execute him. Will they save what’s left of humanity, or will the Breakers assimilate the entire Akked Galaxy?

The last book of the Saga, Liberators of the Dawn is a thrilling finale to the epic sci-fi series.



“This is an amazingly beautiful series and this book tops them all. Wonderful writing style and leaves you wanting more.”


Shadesfang, via Play

“It was a great read that I found very difficult to put down.”