May is past! Spring is here up in Bozeman, MT, and I’m loving it. The weather has been just what you would want out of this time of year. Sarah (my wife) and I have been training hard for alpine climbing and trail running season. I don’t think I’ve ever run this much in my life! It’s good for me though and I’ve been seeing results, which makes it easier to keep to the training schedule.

On the writing front, things stayed pretty busy as well. As part of The Grimm Reaper (a Medium publication I collaborate on), I edited several stories for a prompt we created. It was called You want me to kiss THAT? and featured 15 different remakes of The Frog Price. Mine was titled Enthralled, and I was very happy with how it turned out. A space pirate tries to free a captive entity on an abandoned ship. What could go wrong? 🙂

I was asked to be part of a motivational / inspirational book, titled The Tao of Blogging, using my When Life Gives You Lemons… quote.

I received the manuscript for the second book of the Dawn Saga back from my editor (who is also my wife), and in celebration, I released the title: Harbingers of the Dawn. She had some awesome feedback (proposed changes and additions), which I’m really excited to implement. It’s going to be awesome!

The paperback proof for Breakers of the Dawn is in the hands of my editor at the moment. I finished up my run through it, and once she is completed, it will be publishing time. The proofing process is taking longer than I anticipated, but we want to produce a professional product for you, so it’s worth the time.

June is going to be a fantastic month! Lots of projects are coming together, I’m turning 32 (which, unfortunately, is an even number), and early alpine rock climbing season will be here!

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