Motivation, Discipline, and a Goal

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to visit EAA’s AirVenture 2013 in Oshkosh, WI. It was an action packed week that spurred my imagination and inspiration. While most of the event was focused on atmospheric aviation, there was a good portion devoted to space and future technology.

One of my favorite presentations was by Dr. Jerry Cockrell, a psychologist and airline pilot. His speech was entertaining, engaging, and informative. The core of the message was how to be successful, and Dr. Cockrell was very succinct: motivation, discipline, and a goal. This really hit home for me, mainly because it put into words something I have been thinking for awhile. Having a successful professional state it was very encouraging!

Looking at my own life, the goal is probably the easiest, but I tend to set big goals and neglect the smaller goals to get myself there (something I’m trying to fix). My motivation is usually always high, although there are times that I have to work on that. Discipline is my weakest aspect, requiring the most effort. The really cool thing about the three aspect approach to success is how synergistic they are to each other. If one is lacking, another will help boost it up. I’ve seen it work in my life.

AirVenture was a great experience. It was awesome to be around people that shared similar views as myself in reguard to space exploration and science. I gained many ideas to incorporate into my writing, and I look forward to seeing where they take me!

Love life,

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