Paperback of Breakers of the Dawn now available!

After a couple months of checking progressively better proofs, Breakers of the Dawn is now available in paperback. At this moment, you can buy it on my Amazon page for $9.99 USD + shipping. In the next few days, it should hit expanded distribution (Amazon Europe, etc.).

I published Breakers as an ebook at the end of 2014, and initially, that was the only way I had planned on making it available. The task of creating and proofing a paperback seemed daunting and not worth the effort, given the level of demand. Lately though, I’ve ran into a lot of people who wanted a physical copy. It also helped that my editor kept dropping gentle reminders. So, I dove into the process of creating a physical book.

It ended up being simultaneously easier and harder than I expected. CreateSpace is a good platform, despite looking so outdated. They produce a quality product for what I consider a competitive price. The integration with Amazon (its an Amazon company) is also great. I stared by spending a couple days typesetting and formatting text. A print copy, by definition, is less dynamic than an electronic one, and this makes the process considerably more strict and intensive. I also had to generate a new cover that included a back (which I’d never done before). Honestly, this part of the process was easier than I expected.

Proofing the physical copies, though, dragged on and on. I would spot a round of mistakes (small, but hey, I’m a perfectionist), make changes, and request a new printing. All said, I had to go through three proofs before I was satisfied. This is the main reason it took so long.

In the end, it was definitely worth it, and I’m excited to see what you think of the print version. As an author, I’ve found there is something special about holding a physical copy of your book!

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