Bugaboo Provincial Park (British Columbia, Canada) is a place I’ve wanted to climb at for several years. Since the area is full of glaciers, it requires special skills to make your way to the rock formations. Last weekend, Sarah and I hired a guide to instruct us on these techniques, with the goal it would enable us to come back and climb there, as well as travel across glaciers in other places.

“Do what you love, with those you love.”

We had three full days in the Bugaboos, two of which we spent learning and one scrambling Eastpost Spire (followed by hiking out). We had a full range of weather between rain (both below and inside the clouds) and scorching sun (putting on sunscreen every time we stopped and still getting burned).

South Howser Tower generating its own clouds.
Leading up to the West Ridge of Pigeon Spire.

Overall, it was a great adventure. I think the Bugaboos are my new favorite place on Earth. It’s such a spectacular, dynamic environment. Hope you enjoy the pictures! Now its back to work for awhile, but I’ll still be dreaming about the Bugaboos…

Sarah down climbing from the summit of Eastpost Spire.
Sarah and our new friend, Jordon, descending Eastpost.
On our last day, the heli made several haul runs up to the Kain Hut.

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