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Felar Haltro

If you've read Breakers of the Dawn, you know Felar Haltro. She's the kick-ass, no-nonsense Founder's Commando, dedicated to the Ashamine government and its people. When we first meet Felar, she's training Initiates on the military world of Ashamine-4. Soon after, she makes several disturbing discoveries, testing her patriotism and allegiance.


Here's an excerpt from her file in the Ashamine Forces database:





Name: Felar Haltro

  Rank: 3rd Class Enlightened

  Unit: 9th Battalion, Founder's Commandos

  Clearance: High

   Service Record: Distinguished. Haltro has provided exemplary service during all deployments: (Locations redacted due to present security level). Her above-average performance also extends to training exercises and duties on Ashamine-4. Although she isn't vocal about it, Haltro disapproves of the Entho War, even though she has never been involved in action against them. Superior officers are advised to monitor this dissension and make further notes in her personnel file, when appropriate. At present time, her feelings are not impacting performance or loyalty.

  Current Status: Temporarily incapacitated after training assault / accident on Ashamine-4. Investigation pending. Expected to make full recovery. Transferred to special duty station on (Redacted due to present security level), ordered and authorized by (Redacted due to present security level).


Physical Characteristics / Personal History:

    Standard Age: 23

     Enlistment Age: 19

    Eyes: Green

    Hair: Brown, Light

    Homeworld: Qi-3

     Upbringing: Haltro comes from a rough background, growing up in an impoverished sector of the outlaw planet, Qi-3. Instead of following the standard trajectory for youth on that world (joining/indenturing themselves to the criminal organizations), Haltro rigorously trained for the Forces. She had little in the way of financial support, as her family was (and still is, despite her dispatching the majority of her pay to them) impoverished. Superior officers should monitor Haltro's financial status and stability. While she has shown absolutely no indicators, an outside party might manipulate her into betraying her duties, either by threat of force against her family, or by monetary compensation for them. Report suspected infractions to your Separate Commander.


Weapon Qualifications:

   Close Combat: Dual short swords - Expert

    Side Arm: Rail Pistol - 2x Expert, Flechette Pistol - Expert

    Duty Arm: Rail Rifle - 2x Expert

    Explosive Munitions: Approved, all available



Further data is classified above current access level. Please ask your commanding officer for higher clearance if you believe this is an error.


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