When writing sci-fi, I feel it required to have as much science in my fiction as is humanly possible. Not only does it make a better, more believable story for my readers, but it also satisfies my desire to have an accurate vision of the potential future. I’m also immensely interested in physics, astronomy, biology, and science in general, so the large expenditure of time that goes into research for such a task is enjoyable as well.

The sci-fi genre (movies and to a lesser extent, books) is littered with feats and technology that defy the laws of physics. I often try to look past such errors in order to enjoy the story (see my post about Star Trek: Into Darkness), but sometimes it’s just too hard and my suspension of disbelief comes crashing down, often ruining the story. I hope to avoid this situation with my readers, so I spend a lot of time reading about future technology and how our actions in the present will effect the future.
One of my current writing projects, a novel I refer to as the PASF (Post-Apocalyptic Science Fantasy) project occurs on Earth in the near future. I’ve had to dig deeply to discover how global warming along with social, political, and religious trends will potentially effect the future. It’s all just speculative at best, but having a story that is possible and maybe even plausible is important to me. Obviously, it’s still fiction, so there will be elements to the story that will still be entirely made up, but the idea is to blur the lines between the science and fiction so much that the reader can’t tell between the two.
I thought I would share a small aspect of the research I’ve been doing for the PASF project: garbage. Given the prolific nature of human polution and garbage dumps, I think it’s likely that in a post-apocalyptic near future, humans would find lots of our refuse. But what kind?
I used the information from this graphic to mold a small, but very vital detail of the setting of the PASF project. It’s details like these that play a large part in creating an interesting, believable sci-fi world.
It’s going to be awhile before PASF is ready for publishing, but in the meanwhile, I hope you’ll enjoy this blog and my soon to be published, Breakers of the Dawn novel.
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